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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Munoz:

The mark of the utopian is the qoutadian

Memory is most certainly constructed and, more importyant, always political. The case I make in the chapter posits our rembrances and their ritualized tellings--through film, video, peformandce, writin and visial culture--as having world making potentialities...these queer memories of utopia and the longing that structures them, esp. as they are empodied in work that I identiy as public-sex-mimetic-cultural production help us carve out a space for actual, living, sexual citizenship. (35)

The double ontology of ghosts and ghostliness, the manner in which ghosts exist inside and out and travese categorical distinctions , seems especialyl useful for a queer criticism that attempts to understand communal mourning, group pyschologies, and the need for a poltiics that "carries our ded" with us into battles for the present and future.

The state understands the need to keep us from knowing ourselves, knowing our masses. (64)

I was a spy in the house of gender normativcity, and like any spy I was extremely careful and worried that my cover would be blown. (68)

Lee Edleman, in his powerful polemic: No Future Queer Theory and the Death Drive, wishes to alert his readers to the fact that "the structuring optimism of poltiics of which the order of meaning commits us, installing as it does the perptual ope of reaching meaning through signification, is always, I would arguea negation of the primal, costituive and negative act. Poltiical hope fails queers because, like significaiton, it was not orginally made for us. It resonates only on the level of reproductive futirity, abandoing politics and hope, is a certain jouissance that at once defines and negates us. Edelman's pschoanytic optic reveals that the social is inoperable for the always already shattered queer subject. (90)

Utopian and willfully idealistic practices of thought are in order if we are to resist the perils of heteronoramtivce pragmistim and Anglo-normative pessism. Imagining a queer subject who is abstracted from the sensous intersectianlitis that mark our experience is an ineffectual way out. (96)

The utopian performative charge of this image allows one to see the past, the moment before an actual performace, the moment of potentiality, and the veiwer gains access to the affective patrucarity of that moment of hope and potenrial transformation that is alos the temporality of performance. (101)

Queer cultural production is both an acknlowegent of the lack that is endemic to any heteronormative rendering of the world and a building, a "world making" in the face of the lack. A nothing is a utopian act insofar as it acknowledges a lack that is normalized as a reality and attempts to work with and through nothingness and empheramity. It is both a critique and an additive or reprative gesture. (118)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

wolf and fog in tofino w/ dad.

basque cider, cedar sour, fennet branco

warm vegetable salad, seafood stew (black cod, mussells, clams, scallops), blackout torte.
french loaf, country loaf, siracha sesame loaf

Friday, January 23, 2015

I have watched the disposessed and the starving laborlized. I have watched the dispossed and starving laboring in the fields which others own, with their transitor radios at their ear, all day long: so they learn, for example, along wiht equally weighty matters, that the Pope, one of the heads of the civilised world, forbids to the civilsed that abortion which is being, literally, forced on them, the wretched. The civlised have created the wrestched, quite coldly and deliberately, and do not intend to change the status qou, are responsible for thier sluaghter and enslavement; rain down bomba on children whereever and whenver they decide that their vital interests are menaced, and think of nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the sanctity of "human life" or the "concience" of the cilivized world.  (16)

Even if what I was preaching was gospel, I had no right to preach it if I no longer believed it. To stay in the church merely because I was afraid of leaving it was ununtterably far beneath me, and too despeciable a cowardice for him to support in any friend of his . Therefore, on the coming Sunday, he would buy two tickets to a Broadwy matineed and meet me on the steps of the 42nd STreet Library, at two o'clock in the afternoon. He knew that I spent all day Sunday in church--the point, precisely, of the challenge. IF I were not on the steps of the library (in the bookshelves of which so much of my trouble had begun! then he would be ashamed of me and never speak to me again and I would be ashamed of myself. (32)

The choices do not involve, for example, that seismographic shudder which the word, homosexual, until today, produces in the American mind, or soul: I doubt that Americans will ever be able to face the fact that the word, homosexual, is not a noun. The root of this word, as Americans use it--or as this word uses Americans--simply involves a terror of any human touch, since any human touch can change you. A black man and a white man can come together only in the absene of women, which is, simply, the American legend of masculinity brought to its highest pressure, and revealed, as it were, in black and white. (67)

There was a rite in our church, called pleading the blood. When the sinner fell on his face before the altar, the soul of the sinner then found itself locked in battle with sAtan: or, in the place of Jacob, wrestling with the angel. All of the forces of Hell rushed to claim the soul which had just been astonished by the light of the love of God. The soul in torment turned this way and that, yearning, equally, for the light and for the darkness: yearning, out of agony, for reconcillation--and for rest: for this agony, for recncillaiton--and for rest: for this agony is compounded by an unimaginable, unprecedented, unspeakable figure. Only the saints who had passed through this fire--the incredible horror of the faining of the spirt-had the power to intercede to "plead the blood" to bring the embattled and mortally endangered soul "through". The pleasing of the blood was plea to whosoever had loved us enough to spill his blood for us that he might springle the soul with his love once more, to give us power over SAtan, and love and courage to live out our days.... (113-4)

Baldwin The DEvil Finds Words

Friday, December 26, 2014

  1.  pitch writing to pitchfork, popmatters again, post medieval, work for the journal, rhizome, no more potlucks, little joe, yeti, journal of country music, disolve. (no, writing regullarly working on something, yep, nope, working on a performancce. yep, editing a peice for them, no)
  2. one conference proposal a week. (once a month)
  3. regular cd review place (popmatters)
  4. think about sex and country music website, journal, book one of something (talked during emp, had conversations, continue to this emp) 
  5. find place for clifton hicks and snakes. see what's happening with maura. (maura dead, send hicks to a few places, not sure)
  6. pitch art shows 70s big bush, design show, supercut, montreal satan, camh, (pitched to two places, nope, sent a few emails, dropped, pitched and waiting)
  7. film work with geoff. (?)
  8. keep up with jukebox (yep)
  9. a- average (yep)
  10. thesis written. (yep)
  11. apply once a month for some money making venture. (did this)
  12. one hang out a week, with buddies. (v. much so)
  13. ask one person out a month  (yes)
  14. seattle in april  (yes)
  15. concordia conference in march (Yes)
  16. xspace in april. (yes)
  17. chicago in july. (sept)

2015 Goals: 

a) either Loyola or Vanderbilt, or list of other options.for other phd)
b) Calgary in Jan, Saskatchewan in Feb, Slave Lake, Maybe Nashville, Seattle in April, Vancouver in the first third of the year, Montreal in June for language school, Sudbury, Toronto in Sept
c) Shore project 
d) Finish book review project, find a book review editor next year. 
e) find a place for deer hunting essay
f) Agent, Proposal, First Chapter for WM book, Edit what I have
g)  Write more about visual arts and film 
h) Talk to Punctum about autism book. 
i) Curate  Bush show. 
j) more academic publications, outside  of conferences.
k) find place for CAMH, Supercut work.
l) talk to DC3
m) sleep more regullarly
n) dental work
o) work out feelings about low church work. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Reading In Bed W/ Gore Vidal, and the heartbreaking fourth chapter on Vidal's companion of 40 years Howard Austen. Their arrangement--a kind of sexless middle and then boys on either side, seems incredibly typical of an upper midde American artistic bourgeoisie---having someone do all of the work of propping the genius up, and having the genius just be this monster of narcissism and cruel uncaring ( For other examples, see Auden and Kallman, Ginsberg and Orlosvosky, Merill and Jackson, Tennessee Williams and Frank Merlo, Ned Rorem and James Holmes, even Isherwood and Baechelor) (Auden and Isherwood as late Americans is something worth noting beside.--for all the conversations about how did what to whom in which circumstance, the emotional topping and bottoming, the careful notice of power, and the age differential suggests a topping/bottoming outside of strict sexual positions. Add class to the mix and it gets really really messy  I am sure their are examples of more caring and less caring--but figuring out how much of it was sexual, how much of it was the domestic work of keeping house or keeping emotional regulation or drinking in check, and how much of it was having a second for dinner, and how much of it was managing a public life--these were dedicated open questions, that I think are vastly under-represented. (This seems to be slightly different in queer circumstances than the anonymous work of the housewife--perhaps because the ambiguous sorting out of the queer domestic had not be slotted into a kind of propriety I might be wrong about this point). This is not limited to boy on boy though (see Muriel Spark and Penelope Jardin, or Stein and Toklas and though it seems mostly American, the  book has this great quote by Edmund White about Margaret Yourcenar and what her life long companion did. or didn't do). I think there is a longish book to be written about what exactly the role of a secretary is.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

six points:

  1. The idea that the new york school of poetry is mostly marked by a flanuer's energy, and by extension a flanuer does not have form. 
  2. Two examples where the NY school has form, O Hara and Dlugos. 
  3. Kinds of form---poetics, but also religious forms, religious forms as a kind of poetics. religious forms that these two used--liturgical calendar (qs/qt), prayer, and esp, litany. 
  4. Dlugos and heritage of O Hara's form,  G9 vs Fast Life, tightening, closing form's potential, thru a religious lens. 
  5. G9 as liturgy, list vs litany, queer list, O Hara against Litany, nessc. of disntinctly queer forms post AIDS> 
  6. matrice of mutually reinforcing potentials--Dlugos would not be the poet that he is w/o both O'Hara--but also the poential to discuss Dlugos' radical religious potential w/o both an O'Hara frame and a queer frame. 

also lacunae. 

search terms: 
New York School Flanuer 
Flanuer against form 
New York School and Poetics 
O Hara STanza 
Queer Time 
Queer Space 
Liturgical Time 
O Hara Mary
queer listings
AIDS requiem


"The street becomes a dwelling for the flâneur; he is as much at home among the facades of houses as a citizen is in his four walls. To him the shiny, enamelled signs of businesses are at least as good a wall ornament as an oil painting is to the bourgeois in his salon. The walls are the desk against which he presses his notebooks; news-stands are his libraries and the terraces of cafés are the balconies from which he looks down on his household after his work is done."1938



Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fuck the social order and the Child in whose name we’re collectively terrorized; fuck Annie; fuck the waif from Les Mis; fuck the poor, innocent kid on the Net; fuck Laws both with capital ls and small; fuck the whole network of Symbolic relations and the future that serves as its prop. (Edelman) Fuck the churches order, and the Child in the Creche in whose name we're collectively harrowed; Fuck the Christmas pageant; Fuck the waif from the Little Drummer Boy; Fuck the poor, innocent kid in the Altar guild; fuck canon laws, both with the capital ls and small; fuck the whole network of eccelsial relations and the fear of future that serves as its prop...
what happens when we apply an edelman infused framework on the recent death of mainline protestants--instead of thinking of queerness as new kinds of fecundity, or new kinds of praise, or new kinds of excess, what happens if we trust the queer gifts of negation. if we think of queerness as liminal, as a way of moving between the living and the dead, if we think of the queer carnival as one of ghostly remembering, if that ghostly remembering is as much about burying as anything else, then is the queer task one in the memory of Christ's body, just as the torn body of Christ bridged b/w the living and the dead, can our queer bodies bridge the live church and the dead church...we learned the gifts of mercy, of death, of martyrdom, of righteous anger, of hospitality in our history, of new narratives against a needless and dangerous promulgation, can we translate those gifts to the death of the church? If the church is dying, can we in our own way, lead it to discovering its own holy and sacred negation...even this idea of resurrection, does the spirit not manifest itself in a myriad of forms, is our love of the institutional forms of Christendom idolatrous... or is this a way of getting one of the hook for genuinely corperate worship. continually reading queer theory this semester, i am reminded that our gifts are gifts of greyness, and that we have to maintain the radicality of our refusing the fecund and reproductive.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Six Things from the Tapestery Program:

  1. Often Known as the dean of Canadian Composer's Dr Healey Willian might also be known as a prophet abroad. This gifted composer, organist and choir master is better known in Europe than here, the country that he adopted more than fifty years ago.
  2. What in the everloving hell is going on w/ his accent 
  3. boarding school history
  4. i couldnt live in london, i had a wife and three children...i came iver here to take the post at the consevatory
  5. the music is a framework in which the words are superimposed
  6. missa brevia in tv

Willian as example
one text
moving backwards and forwards

Willian as Birtish (This is the problem of my English Enviroment)
Majority of compostions
large projects continually occured there, more than the US or Canada

(List of Projects)

1928 Elgar Concert Montreal
1930 St Pauls London
1937 Corniation work for Canadian Audience
1942-1952 Chair, British ORgan Restoration Fund (Canada)
1953 Corination work for the actual queen
1956 Lambreth Doctorate
1958 Fellow of the Ancient Monuments Society of England
1963 Fellow of the Royal School of Music

Publishers--11, 9. 6

Corinaiton as example of anglo project

  1. AN Wilson and the Victorian Age ending in 1952, not 1914
    1. Empire 
    2. Commonwealth
  2. Canadian Post-Colonial Identity beginning in 1967 
    1. Symbolic World Far 
    2. Desire to be Modern 
    3. McLuhan, Cohen, Painters Eleven
    4. whiplash
  3. Willian and Corniaiton 
    1. Only Canadian Composer
      1. Jefferson didnt include him at all
      2. OFficial List 
        1. twentenith century stalwarts (Elgar, Williams, Holst)
        2. english (handel, byrd)
        3. no other work that functions liturgically in this space.
    2. Inside/Outside 
      1. The colonial and the imperial intersect 
        1. (armed force regiments from Canada, New Zealend, Australia, South Africa, what was then Ceylon, PAkistan, Malta, Bermuda, SEirra Leonne, Hong Kong Malysia. 
        2. By the 20th Century the cornaiton had lost all links of the constitioon. On the occasion of the 1953 corinaiton Harold Williams Bradfield, Bishop of Bath and Wells pointed out that the cornaiton is contitionally irreclent, since the monarch scends to the throne  at the moment of the predecessors death)
      2. 1937/1952
        1. Weak Work 
        2. Crib from each other 
        3. Crib from Elgar
        4. Elgar's ambiguious religiouslity

  4. Willian and CEntential 
    1. Not hip
    2. not great at secular 
      1. problem of opera
      2. problem of folk song revival 
    3. pageent interiority 
      1. and corinaiton 
      2. and massia brevia 
    4. PAstiche 
      1. of Elgar, of himself (see corniation music)
  5. Willian as primiarly English, Toronto establishment identity primarly English 
  6. b/w 52 and 64(emient gris)
    1. CBC Programs
      1. 96 in Robertson 
      2. Notes on spec CBC program:
        1. Telescope: 
        2. Often Known as the dean of Canadian Composer's Dr Healey Willian might also be known as a prophet abroad. This gifted composer, organist and choir master is better known in Europe than here, the country that he adopted more than fifty years ago.
        3. What in the everloving hell is going on w/ his accent 
        4. boarding school history
        5. i couldnt live in london, i had a wife and three children...i came iver here to take the post at the consevatory
        6. the music is a framework in which the words are superimposed
        7. missa brevia in tv
    2. Canterbury Degre
  7. ongoing anglican ennui.
    1. A Comfortable Pew 
      1. culturally out of fashion 
    2. South Bank 
      1. theologically out of fashion 
  8. Willian's ambigious place in the canon. 
    1. Elgar's revival 
    2. New Biography of Willian 
      1. overly generous 
    3. Enough distance? 
    4. Choral music 
      1. Lutheran problem 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

top works from the isabelle stewart gardner:

a) the courtyard garden, wiht chespaeke mums and a small side room, with chinese panels of mums
b) giotto work that had in the center a large white sqaure, flirting with abstraction.
c) This big portrait of henry james
d) a pair of 16th century red chalk male nudes.
e) a korean vase, delicate, and black, with two fairly non abstract fish handles.
g)  Holbein portiats of minor english court funcitonaries (i like minor holbein, he doesn't feel like he needs to do anything but flatter)
h) a whole chunk of whistler second impression etchings of french country rivers, boats, and that sort of thing--looking weirdly dutch. a whistler nocturne with perfect grey tones.
i) the biggest monstrance i have ever seen (also, the rapcious appettie she had for church furniture--choir stalls, stained glass windows, pews, bishop chairs, bishop croizers, monstrances, pyx, frontals, all sorts of vestments)
j) greek statue on top of a black domino cabienet--looking like a mirroiring and continution of a complicated body.
k) two side cabnients of hand tatted venetian lace.
l) titan's europa
m) piano extension

top works from the mfa:

a) the johns show was super tight, and made a solid argument--i am rethinking what his cross hatching means, and a v. good catenary painting from 2001, with excellent draping, an encaustic from 1984, where he paints trompe de oliel aged scotch tape.
b) A big jack bush with a bright indigo field
c) sean scully's wall of Light Pink from 1994--bigger than most Scully's I've seen, and uses the over painting with under paiting visible, to acheive an almost monet quality
d) A Warhol Pissing Painting, that they coyly call an oxidazation painting (can we talk about this as the true success of the market--this censoring of warhol's language) Even though it is a crude joke against abstract expressionists of his youth, and is weirdly sexy (in the idea of sex, in the traces of sex, not of sex itself, the pockmarked copper surce makes it genunely almost sublmimely beautiful)
e) a couple of benin sculptures from the first colonial contact of the portugese, first time i have seen it from the beinnite side.
f) a modest sized El Antusi Carpet work, this one called Black River.
g) across a large gallery--Whiteread's door peice, with its failure as a protal marking a bleak and steady grey and white severeity, with fgt's chemo--a peice that i always find rreally spooky to go thru.
h) Fred Wilson's Iago's Mirror--which looks like plastic but is mirrored glass, a clock, refleciting blackness against euroccentric decorative culture
i) a niickalene thomas colalge, a afrofutirist decosntruction of courbet at his most pornographic, with the pastoral made from the usual vinyl wall paper and magazine clippings she usually uses.
j) they put five ken prices against the wall, but how he transitions colour--from an olive to a jade to a mustard in one peice, or from a scrambled redish pink to a dark rasberry in another, might be the formalist highlight of american post war sculpture (the other highlight a truitt, in royal blue with a subtle violet stripe)
k) terra cotta jar painted with birds, ca 2600
l) Bridget Rileys Story of Orpheus, 1978--i love how unserious her colours are, and how much does wiwth thiem, this primal, undaliting wave, of light pinks, teals, and grey greens, in tight reflecting lines.
m) Slyvia Plimock Magold's Half Waindow from 1972
n) a lous, tall, (almost my height, but narrow, maybe a yard, more vertical than his usual work, and i love how it was book ended by raw canvas.
o) Deigo Romero's reworking of contenporary issues in Pueblo pottery
p) a nice van dyck,
q) two great melon paintings--a musk melon by luis melandez, from the 17th century,  and a Judith scene, where her prgrant belly is reflected in a melon in the foreground, that it is a marriage portrait, explains why the melon looks like a womb and a phallus.
r) Manet. and his greys
s) finally saw a dutch church scene that had the little dog pissing in the corner, been waiting to see one of those for year.s
t) David Tenius The Burch Shop, with its cloth overing half of a bull, the head of the bull to the left, the innards of the bull to the right, women breaking down the carcass.
u) hans melming christ blessing--post resecution jesus, happy and serene, in a room full of crucifixtions and martydoms
v) two small and quite intimate chardins, the best kitchen table, with a copper jar, a white porcelian jug, and a mess of smelt.
w) some excellent game pics
x) Tipelo's, all the tipelos.

Monday, September 08, 2014

hat i find interesting iabout the books boxed set is two things a) that he wants to control the means of distrubution, which might be more impt than production, and that is in flux (though not as much as flux as techno-utopians want it to be) b) that for one of the great singles artists of the 20th century, still belives singles are lesser, are almost ot be given away against albums.

what is an lds blessing
how does it differ from other xian blessings
how has an lds blessing changed over time
how does gender affect lds blessings
how do thes quesitions relate to the ongoing PM of lds discourse

then an examinaiton of seven blessings

a) what are they
b) what is the explicit ritual
c) who is invited
d) how are they similar to protestant blessins
e) how are they uniquley lds

then each w/ questions above

a) sacrament meeting
b) mothers blesssing
c) general blessing of healing
d) patrichal blessigns
e) baptism
f) temple sealings
g) setting apart

Monday, August 25, 2014

i hate writing bios esp only 20 words:
Anthony Easton still believes the rectum's the grave.
Anthony Easton was saved at a Pentecostal tent revival in their early 20s.
Anthony Easton digs pina coladas. 
Anthony Easton is a capricorn and seeks a taurus.
Anthony Easton seeks to live up to the moral severity of Edith Sitwell's turban.
Anthony Easton's' mother never let him grew up to be a cowboy.
Anthony Easton is feeling like Kathleen Hannae oversold the radical potential of plesure.
Anthony Easton would like to "shake it for the squirrels" as required by Luke Bryan.
Anthony Easton knows more about Ryman from the late 1980s than you.
Anthony Easton's mystical visions are all about the problems of negation.
Anthony Easton realizes the greatest art of the 20th century might be Dolly Parton's wigs.
Anthony Easton never under estimates the power of the tracking shot.
Anthony Easton writes about things, but really wants to produce.
Anthony Easton finds the joke about the starlet who slept with the writer more amusing if one believes Fitzgerald wrote it.
Anthony Easton's favourite colours are electric magenta and damson.
Anthony Easton believes in the restorative power of cold chicken.
Anthony Easton spends a lot of time figuring out the origin of the queer archive, and thinks it might be Joe Brainard's I Remember Poem.
Anthony Easton thinks their prayers go up to heaven like the insence smoke in a thurifer.
Anthony Easton thinks--fabulous outfit, but honey your purse is on fire.

Monday, August 11, 2014

hung out with graham and thuslay's wee one, market,park, lunch, playground, home. lots of good talk.

Friday, August 01, 2014

The Touch  of a Mother’s Skin:  Some Notes on the Gendered Taxonomy of Mormon Blessings.

Anthony Easton
Concordia University.

Intended  for the “Skin” call module

There has been recent discussion in LDS church  circles about which rituals women can perform, and which they are forbidden to. The Church’s historic compromise between congregational and magisterial models of power, means that not allowing women to be priests, does not forbid them from speaking in church, for example, but does forbid them from blessing the sacrament.

The concept of laying on of hands for healing, is one of the rites of the LDS church, where this tension between the lay and the priesthood is made the most explicit. For feminist scholars of religion, like Mary Toscano, the historical Mormon act of a Mother’s blessing, is as sacramental as any of the blessings that were traditionally performed by men. For (mostly) male critics of this position, there are blessings that can be only performed by men. These blessings are not only discreet work in the temples, or blessings for setting apart before people go on missions, or blessings to dedicate new children, or even to baptize, but also blessings to heal .

The question emerges--because male rites to lay on hands for the express purpose of healing, are wrapped up in a gender essentialized method, is there a masculine touch that heals differently than the feminine touch of a mother’s blessing?

Researching the history of the mother’s blessing, the shifting roles of motherhood in Latter Day Saint Context, and LDS connections between healing and vernacular religious practice, will provide a historiographical narrative, where the skin on skin contact for the purposes of healing tells of stories of how families are both integrated and exiled. This will be done by investigating both official church statements, from Brigham Young to the 1994 Proclamation of the Family; personal recollections from families, and also radical theological interventions, that seek to collapse the category of blessing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

i don't think i liked snowpeircer, and i don't know why. i love chris evans--and his melancholy here was strong, the aesthetics were powerful, tilda was brilliant, as was john hurt, the work seemed both new and peiced together from various parts. i can handle allegory, it might have been the nihilism, i think it was one of the more hopeless movies i have seen, (any solution posited will result in more catastrophe, any dissent has been constructed to further the status qua, the revolutionary and the reactionary depend on each other (one seeding the other), stability and hierarchy win over chaos, and eventually, the polar bear will eat the last survivors) but dystopian works are not expected to be pleasant, or to end well--recent dystopias have failed to note how their work is co-opted into an agenda of self-perpetuating crisis/crony/corporatism capitalism (cf Divergent, I am No, 4, Hunger Games). It's hopelessness seemed well earned. There were things I could nitpick (the writing, the writing was terrible) but I felt dissatisfied and uneasy at the end of it, and I didn't know why.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pop Matters Best of the 2000s List: 
  1. Britney Spears Blackout 
  2. kd lang Hymns of the 49th Parallel
  3.  Tanya Tagaq,  ᐊᐅᒃ
  4. PJ Harvey “Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea”
  5. Dolly Pardon Little Sparrow. 
  6. Miranda Lambert Kerosene
  7. Bjork Vesperine 
  8. MIA Arular 
  9. Americas Sweetheart Courtney Love 
  10. Cesaria Evora Nha Sentimento

Saturday, July 19, 2014

what's the word for bittersweet erotic frisson of accidentally stumbling upon an image you jerked off at 14--especially when at 14 you had to glean thru scarcity and now you live in the promised world of excess

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reference/Begging Notes for Invocaiton of my Demon Brother peice:

Chein Andulou
Trauma to the Eye Motif
Barely Legal
Semenial Magic Crowley
Lefthand path
hanged man
Skull Pipe
siamese batting
the sweep of musicians
weird home movie aesthetic
Truman Capote Thru the Flowers
Back to the Garden
light show
acid test
ritual garments
solit of personhood
mirroed bodies
skryers glass
radical fairies
stone cock
false eyes
eyes as mouths
ring of similar faces
hanged man
devil as camp hollywood
lined in red satin
more flames
into spikes
tom of finland
hells angels
abstracting, splitting, repeating
hippie jesus
more nazis
broken cross
out of the copter
not alot of cock
tattoos ad eyes
orgy as masturbation
third eye sequin
warhol exploding plastic
more simaese
ironic procession
fade out
live performance
lattice work
jagger in white holding snake
zap yr pregrant thats witchcraft

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